Wafer Stick Machine

Wafer Stick Machine
Technical Parameter
This machine can produce different lengths ,thickness and shapes egg rolls by changing molds or adding other machines.The whole line consists of material mixer, baked mainframe, pumping machine, center filling machine, ball miller, painting machine, and cooling conveyor etc.

1.  The baking system adopts automatic ignition system, and works with gas/electricity.
2.  Auto alarm system to cut off the gas supply when the alarm is ring.
3.  Auto temperature control and preservation system to save energy effectively.
4.  The mixing time of slurry can be shorten automatically to get good quality.
5.  The thickness of sheet is changeable.
6.  The diameter of stick is also changeable with the winding shaft changing.
7.  The wafer stick can be partly or fully filled.

Manufacture Process:
Material Mixing and Feeding→ Baking → Milling →Center Filling →Coloring → Rolling and cutting → Cooling → Packing

Technical Parameters:

Model KFG
Wafer Stick Diameter 8mm-18mm
Wafer Stick Length 3-18cm
Drum Diameter 1800mm
Capacity Hollow wafer sticks :25-30kg/h
Filled wafer sticks:50-60kg/h
Gas Consumption 4-5kg/h
Total Power 10kw
Electric Consumption 45kw
Machine Dimension 3400*1700*2500mm
Machine Weight 4000kgs
Plant Size 12 square meters

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