Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine
Technical Parameter
Vacuum packing machine is used to pack perishable food. This machine has two vacuum chambers. When you using one vacuum chamber, you can put products in the other chamber to be ready for packing, so as to improve the packing efficiency. Users just need to press the vacuum cover, then the whole process including pumping air, sealing, cooling and exhausting fully automated. After being packed, it can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten, moisture and extend the shelf life of products.
Technical Parameters:

Model 400/2SB 500/2SB 600/2SB
Voltage 380V/50Hz OR 220V/50Hz
Vacuum Pump Power 0.75KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Heat Sealing Power 0.6KW 0.75KW 1KW
Mini absolute pressure 1.33Kpa
Vacuum Chamber Size 550×450×115(mm) 560×540×115(mm) 610×540×115(mm)
Heat Sealer Size 400×10(mm) 500×10(mm) 600×10(mm)
Heat Sealer Quantity 2 each chamber
Vacuum Pump Efficiency 20m3/h 2×20m3/h 40m3/h
Vacuum Chamber Material 不锈钢
Dimension 1200×520×850(mm) 1260×610×850(mm) 1450×610×860(mm)
Weight 180kg 220 250kg

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