Toast Bread Line

Toast Bread Line
Technical Parameter
Toast Bread Line has the capacity of 2800-3200 loaves per day, and the weight of each toast bread is about 500gs. Every part touching raw material is stainless steel in order to comply with the international health standard. In addition, the whole line is safely and easily operated.Thus, it is the best equipment for mid-sized and small bakeries.
Toast Bread Line includes Spiral Mixer, Dough Divider (Electric Divider / Hydraulic Divider), Toast Forming Machine, Operating Table, Fermenting Machine, Rotary Oven, Cooling Rack, Toast Slicer, Trolleys, and Trays etc.

1. Manufacture Process:
Dough mixing→ Dough dividing→ Toast forming→ Fermenting →  Baking→ Cooling→ Slicing.

Technical Parameter
Product Toast Bread Line
Bread Type Toast bread; Sliced bread
Capacity 2800-3200 loaves/day
Weight of bread 500gs/loaf
Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Material Stainless steel is the main material

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