Soft Biscuit Line

Soft Biscuit Line
Technical Parameter
Soft biscuit line is our mature product with the advantages of fashionable design, compact construct,and high automation.
We can provide the satisfied solutions according to customers’ capacities and workshop area. We can meet the needs of special voltages required.  We can offer the best services of installing, debugging, and training. The production speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter.
Soft biscuit line includes dough mixer(garland type),soft biscuit forming machine, tunnel oven, oil sprayer, cooling conveyor, and biscuit packing machines etc.
OEM is also welcomed.
1. Manufacture Process:
Dough Mixing→Soft Biscuit Forming→Baking→Oil Spraying→Cooling→Stacking→Packing
2. Technical Parameter:
Type KF250 KF300 KF400 KF480 KF600 KF800 KF1000 KF1200
Capacity(kgs/h) 60-80 100-150 200-250 300-400 450-600 650-800 850-1000 1050-1200
Total Power(kw) Electricity baking type 45kw 60kw 90kw 130kw 220kw 320kw 470kw 630kw
Can be chose the gas tunnel oven
Total Weight(kgs.) 4500 6200 13200 15000 24700 34600 55300 68500
Length Requested(mts.) 20mts 25mts 29mts 35mts 50mts 55mts 75mts 81mts
Voltage Can be customized by customers requested
Others OEM is welcomed

Soft Biscuit Machine Soft Biscuit Machine Soft Biscuit Machine Soft Biscuit Machine
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