Sandwich Biscuit Machine

Sandwich Biscuit Machine
Technical Parameter
Sandwich biscuit machine is used to sandwich two/three pieces of biscuits together with cream, jam, and chocolate etc. Rectangle, square, round shape biscuits can be sandwiched as well. It is a good biscuit machine to enrich biscuit flavors and shapes.  It is well welcomed by the customers from all over the world.
Single-row and double-row sandwich biscuit machines to be matched flexibly to the whole biscuit processing line by the capacity.
Sandwiching is the process after soft/hard biscuit formed and baked. So the main parts of the whole sandwich biscuit processing line are: Dough Mixer, Soft/Hard Biscuit Forming Machine, Oil Sprayer, Tunnel Baking Oven, 180˚ Swerving Machine, Cooling Conveyor, Cream Mixer, Sandwich machine, and Biscuit Packing Machine, etc.
OEM is also welcomed.
1. Manufacture Process:
Dough Mixing→Soft/Hard Biscuit Forming→Baking→Oil Spraying→Cooling→Stacking→Sandwiching→Packing
2. Technical Parameter:

Type Capacity(pcs/min) Power(kw) Weight Dimension(mm)
Single-row 50-250 2.2kw 450kgs 2400 *900 *1400mm
Double-row 200-500 3kw 600kgs 2600*900*1500mm

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