Hard Biscuit Line

Hard Biscuit Line
Technical Parameter
Hard biscuit line is one of our professional equipments. It can process cracker, animal biscuit, finger-shape biscuit,etc. with  biscuit molds and advanced technology.  It is controlled by frequency converter and  it works stably.
The whole line consists of  Dough Mixer (Blade Type), Hard Biscuit Forming Machine, Oil Sprayer, Tunnel Baking Oven, 180˚ Swerving Machine, Cooling Conveyor, and Biscuit Packing Machine, etc.. It has many types to be selected.  OEM is welcomed.
1. Manufacture Process:
Dough Mixing→Hard Biscuit Forming→Baking→Oil Spraying→Cooling→Stacking→Packing
2. Technical Parameter:
Type KF250 KF300 KF400 KF480 KF600 KF800 KF1000 KF1200
Capacity(kgs/h) 60-80 100-150 200-250 300-400 450-600 650-800 850-1000 1050-1200
Total Power(kw) Electric baking type 45kw 61kw 92kw 132kw 225kw 325kw 477kw 637kw
Can be chose the gas tunnel oven
Total Weight(kgs.) 5250 7350 14800 18500 26350 36750 63100 78000
Length Requested(mts.) 22.4mts 29mts 33mts 40mts 55mts 60mts 84mts 90mts
Voltage Can be customized by customers requested
Others OEM is welcomed

Hard Biscuit Machine Hard Biscuit Machine Hard Biscuit Machine Hard Biscuit Machine
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