Deck Oven

Deck Oven
Technical Parameter
 Deck oven is one special and simple baking equipment for small and mid-sized bakeries. Each deck of the oven can bake foods separately. Both upper and bottom temperature of each deck can be adjusted respectively, so that it can bake bread, cake, and other foods with bright color and good taste.
The deck oven can take gas or electricity as the energy. And it has many types to be selected, like one deck two trays type, two decks four trays, and three decks six trays etc.
Besides, the usual size of the supporting tray is 400*600mm. OEM is welcomed.

Technical Parameter

Type Baking Capacity Power Dimension Weight Temperature Control
1 Deck 1Tray 1 tray/time 3kw 850*660*450mm 50kgs 0-300℃
1 Deck 2 Trays 2 trays/time 6.3kw 1235*830*500mm 78kgs 0-300℃
2 Decks 4 Trays 4 trays/time 12.6kw 1235*830*1240mm 145kgs 0-300℃
3 Decks 6 Trays 6 trays/time 19kw 1235*830*1635mm 188kgs 0-300℃
3 Decks 9 Trays 9 trays/time 24kw 1655*830*1650mm 255kgs 0-300℃

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