Cracker line

Cracker line
Technical Parameter
Cracker line is our mature product with high degree of automation and high capacity. The whole line is controlled by frequency converter. Laminating machine is the necessary equipment for making crackers. Besides, hundreds of molds and dozens of technology recipes make it possible to produce all kinds of popular biscuits, such as cream biscuit, layer biscuit, soda cracker, calcium biscuit, vitamin biscuit, and vegetable biscuit, etc.
1. Manufacture Process:
Dough Mixing→Laminating→Forming→Baking→Oil Spraying→Cooling→Packing
2. Technical Parameter:
Type KF600 KF800 KF1000 KF1200
Capacity(kgs/h) 450-600 650-800 850-1000 1050-1200
Total Power(kw) Electric baking type 230kw 336kw 480kw 648kw
Can be chose the gas tunnel oven
Total Weight(kgs.) 30350 40750 68100 80000
Length Requested(mts.) 60mts 65mts 90mts 100mts
Voltage Accordingly
Others OEM is welcomed

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