Cookies Line

Cookies Line
Technical Parameter
There are two kinds of cookie machines: Mechanical cookie machine and PLC programming controlled cookie machine. PLC cookie machine is one of our major products, and it is a multi-functional machine to produce cookies and cakes, etc.. Both of them are widely welcomed by our clients.
Two cookie forming types like wire cutting forming and depositing forming to make cookies with many nice shapes.  Tunnel oven and rotary oven make the full-automatic and semi-automatic cookie production lines come true. What's more, the cookie machine can be customized with different capacities.
The usual cookie production line includes dough mixer, cookie machine, baking oven, and cookie packing machine.                                                                                                   OEM is welcomed.
1. Manufacture Process:
Dough Mixing→cookie forming→Baking→Cooling→Packing
2. Technical Parameter:

Type Capacity Power Weight Dimension(mm) QTY of Nozzles
KF400 80-100kgs/h 2.24kw 400kgs 1600*950*1310mm 6pcs
KF600 100-150kg/h 2.24kw 500kgs 1600*1150*1310mm 9pcs
KF800 150-250kgs/h 3kw 800kgs 1600*1350*1350mm 13pc

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