Cereal Bar Machine

Cereal Bar Machine
Technical Parameter
This machine is applied to make different grain snacks foods, such as rice bar, peanut brittle, seed candy, and sesame candy and so on. There are many shapes of cereal bars like cylinder, square, and triangle etc. can be selected. The molds can be changed accordingly.
1.Equipping with mechanical transmission instead of pneumatic pump, positioning accurately, and coordinating the upper molds and bottom molds tightly.
2.Controlled by frequency converter to adjust production speed easily, and produce food continuously and stably.
3.All hoppers and molds are disposed with anti-stick materials to be cleaned easily.
4.Food touching parts are made of stainless steel to comply with the health standard.

Manufacture Process:
Sugaring →Mixing→ Forming→Packing

Technical Parameters:

Model Die Size Forming Area Die Quantities Product Speed Power Weight
KF645 640*126mm 540*126mm 54pcs 80pcs/min 2.5kw 1200kgs

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