Burger Line

Burger Line
Technical Parameter
Dough Divider Rounder is one necessary equipment of Burger Line. It integrates dough dividing and dough rounding, and it can divide and round dough lumps automatically and averagely.  It has the capacity of 30 to 60 lumps at one time with the weight 30-70gs of each lump. While Hamburger Slicer is one professional equipment to produce hamburger and sandwich. It is the best equipment for restaurant, delicatessen, and bakery. These two equipments are simple and easy to be operated. And they all have the advantages of less wear and tear, small noise, and good reliability and durability.  What’s more, they can work high-efficiently instead of handwork to save labor costs.
The whole burger line consists of Spiral Mixer, Dough Divider, Fermenting Machine, Rotary Oven, Cooling Cracker, Hamburger Slicer, Trolleys, and trays etc.

1. Manufacture Process:
Dough mixing→ dough dividing and rounding→ Fermenting→Baking→ Cooling→Slicing.

2.Technical Parameters

Product Burger Line
Bread Type Hamburger, sandwich (with some handwork)
Capacity 2400-2400pcs/h
Weight of bread 30-70gs/piece
Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Material Stainless steel is the main material

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